Professional Tree Removal Service

Our experts offer dependable and efficient tree removal services, whether you require immediate assistance because a tree has fallen or you're intending to remove trees as part of a project.

Crane-Assisted Tree Removal

The most efficient technique to remove a tree is to use a crane to remove little pieces of it at a time. It not only expedites the process of removing the tree but is often safer to use and has no negative environmental effects. Instead of waiting for the tree to collapse before cutting and removing sections, our team will hoist the removed pieces vertically up and away to a designated drop zone.

Stump Grinding

A stump left in the ground over time develops into more than just a hassle; it also serves as a breeding ground for bugs that can harm your house. Stump grinding is a much more effective and minimally disruptive solution than attempting to dig up and remove a stump, which is what our team specializes in.

One of the treatments advised for stumps still present after a tree has been removed is stump grinding. A skilled arborist at RutherFord Trees uses a grinder to reduce the stump and roots to tiny fragments, leaving just wood chips behind.